Breast milk storage bags (50 pcs)

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Pre-sterilized at 360°, these milk storage bags are made of food grade LDPE and PET and are free of BPA. They can contain up to 180ml/6oz of breast milk, and the capacity scale is displayed on the back side for added convenience. A double zippers sealing design ensures the breast milk is isolated from outside air and avoids leakage. The bag also has a write-on area that allows you to record the date, time, and volume for easier management. Not limited to breast milk, these pouches are suitable f

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  • presterilized at 360° 
  • Made of LDPE + PET food grade material, BPA free, ready to use after opening the breastmilk storage bags.
  • Can store 180ml/6oz of breast milk, and you can see the capacity scale clearly on the backside of milk storage bag.
  • double zippers sealing design, the breastmilk storing bags can avoid leakage effectively, and guarantee the breast milk isolated from outside air.
  • The milk storage bag has a reserve write-on area, which allows you to record the date, time and volume for more convenient management.
  • The breastmilk storage bag is not only suitable for storing breastmilk, but also perfect for storing fruit and vegetable juice, rice cereal, etc.

included in the package:
50 sterilized breastmilk bags

Capacity: 180ml/6oz

Material: LDPE + PET