breastmilk storage set

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A cooler bag and contoured ice pack keep breastmilk cool, safe, and fresh for up to 24 hours. This thoughtfully-designed set, a perfect accompaniment to Youha bottles, is ideal for on-the-go moms, whether it's for a workday or a day out with baby. The box contains: 1 cooler bag, 1 ice pack, and 2 PPSU breastmilk storage bottles.

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Cooler bag with ice pack keeps breast milk cool and safe, wherever you need to take it.
whether you are at work or going out with your baby
The contoured ice pack is specially designed for Youha bottles and maximizes breastmilk storage time for up to 24 hours.
included in the box: 
1x cooler bag 
1x ice pack
2x PPSU breastmilk storage bottles