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The ONE Express Cups Plus elevate hands-free pumping. The express cups are specially crafted to convert any double pump into a wearable product. Patented express cups fit comfortably and the silicone breast shields provide a cosy feel. These also allow you to pump with discretion, convenience, and versatility without sacrificing efficiency. The cups can be used anytime and anywhere and are compatible with multiple leading brands. The Express Cups Plus provide an effortless way to express milk di

Size: 24 mm

24 mm
28 mm
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The ONE Express Cups Plus take hands-free pumping to the next level. The express cups were designed to convert your traditional double pump into a wearable pump! you can now enjoy discreet, convenient, and versatile hands-free pumping without compromising on efficiency. The express cups fit comfortably in your bra and the silicone breast shields make for a very comfortable fit.

● The ONE Express Cups Plus are designed to use anytime you like, wherever you like
● Compatible with various leading pump brands
● Offering you a single or double, hand-free, more enjoyable, and discreet way to express breast milk
● Allows you to express directly into the express cups, no special bra, no dangling bottles, no undressing
● available in 2 different sizes, 24 mm comes with 22 mm little breast shields, and 28 mm with 26 mm little breast shields.

The ONE Express Cups Plus are a high-quality closed systems and all the parts that come in contact with breast milk are free from BPA and DEHP.

note: tubes are sold separately.

Included in the box:
2 x 24mm or 28mm Silicone Breast Shield (optional)
2 x 8oz/240ml Cup
2 x Membrane Cap
2 x Membrane
2 x Valve Base
4 x Valve (includes 2 spares)
2 x Tubing Adapter A
2 x Tubing Adapter B
2 x 22mm or 26mm little breast shield

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24 mm, 28 mm