Manual breast pump

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Easily maneuvered, the highly-effective design features a set of economical accessories.

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The Youha Manual Hand Breast Pump offers a 3-step system for quick and easy breast milk expression, storage, and feeding. With its user-friendly design, you can effortlessly express milk using the manual pumping mechanism, conveniently store it, and seamlessly transition to feeding your baby using the compatible accessories. This pump is perfect for on-the-go or impromptu pumping sessions, with little to no learning curve.


❤ THREE-STEP MANUAL BREAST PUMP SYSTEM: (1) Express milky anytime, anywhere; (2) Store milk easily; (3) Nurse your baby via bottle and nipple included

❤ UNIFORM SUCTION: The ergonomic handle creates negative pressure and uniform suction for comfortable breast pumping

❤ MULTI-POINT BREASTSHIELD: This unique design has multiple contact points for pain-free, comfortable and effective pumping, reducing breast discomfort.

❤ ANTI-BACKFLOW DESIGN: This pump has a double protection feature that prevents milk backflow and the entry of bacteria into milk when the nursing bottle falls. The anti-backflow duckbill valve prevents milk from flowing back to the breast / membrane.

❤ ERGONOMIC EASY-EXPRESS HANDLE: The concave design allows for one-handed use, reducing hand fatigue and making pumping more comfortable.

❤ FULLY REMOVABLE: With just a few parts, this pump is easy to assemble, disassemble, and clean.

❤ SAFE MATERIALS: Made with BPA-free food-grade PP and silicone, the Youha Manual Hand Breast Pump is non-toxic and odorless, ensuring that it is safe for both you and your baby.

1. Place the breast shield over your nipple, ensuring that it is centered and comfortable
2. Start pumping by squeezing the easy-express handle to create negative pressure and uniform suction
3. Pump until you have expressed the desired amount of milk or until you are finished pumping
4. Carefully remove the breast shield to the bottle
5. Cover the bottle with a lid to store the milk OR attach the nipple and nurse directly to the baby

What's Included:
1 x Dust cap
1 x Silicone massager cushion
1 x Breast shield
1 x Silicone diaphragm
1 x Handle
1 x Duckbill valve
1 x PP bottle 210ml
1 x Bottle nipple
1 x Bottle cover
1 x Storage lid