ALL IN ONE portable pump and massager

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This portable ALL IN ONE device is a closed system breast pump with an integrative vibrational function. It helps to quickly and effectively express breast milk and can be separated from its motor unit to be used as a therapeutic lactation massager. The Comfort Shield breast shield with a soft silicone rim allows for a secure and comfortable fit, while the motor unit is designed with a sleek and compact profile, making it easy to use and transport. The ALL IN ONE is BPA and DEHP free and incredi

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The Aio electric breast pump with vibration function allows for more efficient and effective breast milk expression. The motor unit can be removed and used on its own as a lactation massager to relieve engorgement, mastitis, clogged ducts and to improve milk flow. Furthermore, the AIO comes with a Comfort Shield (breast shield with a soft silicone rim) to ensure a more secure and comfortable fit.

● Sleek and compact design
● Quiet and convenient operation
● Easy to use
● Efficient and effective breast milk expression
● Ideal for use at home or at the office
● All-in-one device that is easy to assemble and clean

This pump is a high-quality closed systems and all the parts that come in contact with breast milk are free from BPA and DEHP.

Suction: 50mmHg-380mmHg
Charging Time: 4.5 hours
Battery Fully Charged Service Time: 4 hours
Decibel Size <60db

Included in the box:
1 x Motor Unit
1 x Membrane
1 x Valve Base
2 x Comfort Shield (21&24mm each)
2 x Valve (includes 1 spare)
1 x Milk Bottle
1 x Bottle Lid
1 x USB Type-C cable