Youha the Ins gen3 wearable breast pump

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This ergonomic design allows for hands-free movement while pumping, and it's easy to connect with the Cup for a fuss-free experience. The LED screen displays the pumping level and selected mode, which you can activate with a simple pin-on design. Plus, the YOUHA ELECTRIC HANDSFREE GEN 3 comes with a backflow preventer and a full silicone breast shield for extra comfort. The kit includes an Electric Pump, 24mm flange, 5oz/240ml cup, membrane, valve base, valve, adapter, and user manual. All power

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Like all of our Handsfree breast pumps, this pump is designed ergonomically so that the hands can move freely when pumping, the machine is easy to connect with the Cup so Moms can pump without the hassle of hoses or cables.

In addition, this type has been equipped with LED Screen so mommy can know the pumping level and the mode that is being used.

The way to put it on is very easy, just pin it in the bra, so there is no need to hold with hands anymore while pumping.

YOUHA ELECTRIC HANDSFREE GEN 3 Breast pump has backflow preventer to prevent breastmilk from flowing back into the machine (Closed System), and the breast shield is silicone for more comfortable pumping.

1. ALL IN ONE- Milk Collection Cup+ Electric Breast

2. Hands-Free, wearable, one piece

3. Full silicone breast shield

4. 3 modes, massage, expression, and mixed mode.

5. Each mode is with 9 levels

6. Anti-Backflow design

7. 1 Set 24mm flange

8. Fits in your bra

9. 5oz/ 240 ml capacity (large capacity)

10. Equipped with LED Screen to detect the pumping level

included in the box:

Electric Pump;
1× 24 silicone breast shield;
1× 5oz/240ml cup,
1x Membrane,
1× Valve base
1x Valve; 1x
User Manual; 1x adapter Built-in 1200mAh Lithium Battery